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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The journey begins...

Hi all,  I've got my first batch of "mixed VFT" seeds from ebay and has started 3 of them in water. I intend to start this to take down the growth of my VFT. I have also bought 2 more packet of VFT seeds from "Royal Red" and "Saw Tooth UK #1" cultivars hoping they will grow up with similar traits to their parent.

VFT Seeds bought from Ebay advertise as "Mixed VFT Seeds"

They are really small using a ruler to measure, approx 1mm

Randomly picked 3 seeds intended to sow

Water Germination : Using a transparent container and distill water with sterilized cotton
This is the first batch and I call them Mixed Batch, started 21th Nov 2012

EDITED: Some info in my region: Singapore
March 2013 Humidity 57-73%
Temperature 28.6 - 36.2 ºc  or  83.4 - 97 ºf

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