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Thursday, 9 May 2013

VFT Cutting strikes!!

There was 5 pullings I took on 17 March for experiment, 

2 Red Piranha leaf
1 Big Mouth seed grown leaf and 1 Rhizome with root
1 Dentate seed grown leaf
1 Cephalotus leaf

1 RP and 1 BM leaf didnt make it, dried out. 1 RP was the first to strike, follow by the BM root. Dentate seed grown leaf cutting still didn't make any new traps, and Cephalotus Leaf pulling passed on.

End April I took antoher pulling from Cupped trap ad put together with the Dentate. Today I see both of them has tiny traps! Wow the Cupped Trap leaf cutting was really fast, it even has roots dug into the LFS.


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