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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

More updates on VFT seeds

Here's an update on the seeds growth, as my country is having a Haze problem, I've been shifting pots too many times resulting in pots falling off my windows for at least 4 times. As a results, Giant Trap, erected Petiole Seed grown pot has fallen and its a pain to pick up every vft to repot. I've lost another pot of seedlings - D. Spatulata. I do not plan to replant the reminder seeds for now as I'm really out of space. Too many pots. But I'll attempt to plant 2 more Drosera seeds from before. They are ending their 3 months strife.

f. filiformis Seed grown

Giant Trap, erected Petiole Seed grown - Repoted after fallen on the floor

Schuppenstiel II & Yellow Seed grown

D. Spatulata seedlings RIP - Lost to fallen right off the window way below.

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