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Friday, 25 December 2015

Welcome to my blog on carnivorous plants

Tish Carnivorous Plants

My hobby used to be Macro Photography, I was adventurous and would go into the fields taking photos of bugs and critters. When I was browsing on google+ one day, I chance upon a photo of a fly struggling to get out from a carnivorous plant's trap, It was a Dionaea Muscipula. That photo trigger my next hobby which is keeping Carnivorous plants.

I started my carnivorous plant journey then and at the end of 2012. My first plant was a Venus fly trap growing from seed. When I made the purchase, I was reading everyday for inform on caring for VFT. I became active in forums.

I combine both of my hobby Macro photography and Carnivorous plants and I been posting macro photos of Carnivorous plants online. Soon I got into making videos, so I went into YouTube & Facebook. By then people has been asking for my website. I figured it's time I should start one.

I don't really sell Carnivorous plants but the surplus I have from diversion and seeds. I figured I don't really need a website for sale or organization. I see people posting stories about their plants. That suits me and I've decided on a friendly base blog site. This is where I ended up as I used to write blog on my motorbike and touring on it.

This blog would contain my adventure from 2012 which is in the process of updating with time stamp as close as possible to the original. The progress is ongoing and the pace should be quick as they would be copy / paste and minor edit.

Update : Blog transferred till 2013 Aug be continued

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