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Monday, 28 March 2016

This is a recent mass order, was late in getting the photos up. They come from BE and a private collector

Some plants from Borneo Exotics and a private seller. Nepenthes seems to do well here in Singapore. Even some intermediate and high lane ones could survive while some could hand on for a long time before showing signs of stress. Unlike the VFT and sundews which is more picky for me

The loot! 

N. Burbidgaea x Campanulata: The L size!

Here's the pitcher, midway to heaven. 

N. Ampullaria x Spectabilis

N. Burbidgaea x Veitchii 

N. Jamban : Really looking forward to see this one thrive here

N. Burkeii

N. Eymae

Sarracenia Dana's Delight

That's all for this batch... More mass Orders to come I believe :)

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