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Monday, 20 July 2015

A short walk around Kent Ridge Park to see wild Nepenthes!

A friend shared where I could find Wild Nepenthes Rafflesiana in a park. So I've decide to take a walk for photo shooting. It is illegal to collect anything from the park.

The only things you should take are photos and memories, leave only footsteps and not litters.

During my walk about 2 hours, I thought there were many Rafflesiana but there seems to be only a small patch of 3 Rafflesiana plant I could find. Instead, there were Gracilis everywhere. Anyway, this is how they look like growing in the wild in Singapore. This is a park and overcast with plenty of trees, there are hardly any sun light, all filtered.

Nepenthes Rafflesiana (Kent Ridge Park)

Same plant - The pitcher tendril is so long!

Same plant - The only young pitcher. There were no other pitchers.

All the rest of the photos are Nepenthes Gracilis (Kent Ridge Park). Not all the plants has pitchers, I'm surprised that only certain patches of them growing has pitchers, there were not very big either. The size were mainly 2 cm to 8. I don't think there were any that is more than 10 cm long.

They are found almost everywhere

One of those few patche that has more pitchers forming. These were no longer than 5cm.

Some closed up photos of pitchers

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