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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cephalotus stressing out, decided to uproot and take a look...

I should not have shifted my pot of Cephalotus deeper in the grow rack, I think the was at least few degrees C difference for the past month and the Ceph decide to go south. The pitchers were dying very on a large scale and I thought I should check what is going on in the roots to make sure no rot. It was also time I should split the plant...

A lot Pitchers dying

Ok, the roots were fine, no rotting, that means my mix of 1:1 Sphagnum:Perlite is right. But the sphagnum has broken down, it's good to replace a new fresh mix. In fact I noticed the roots has developed well in there, there is so much more roots than before. Some plants grow on the roots too, I think the root was too near the surface.. Very long roots.

When I first got it,

Other views of the roots and plants, I had removed all the dead pitchers. Later, I snip small clumps some with roots and potted them up.


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