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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mid - Aug Cp Photo updates...

There's been quite alot of photos I've taken for the past 2 weeks, so I thought photo bomb in thos post with some minor captions.

N. Gracilis at my mum's garden - A bag worm decides to hang aroung for a few days,,

N. Rebecca Soper, the leafs has colored up nicely in reddish bronze

 N. Rebecca Soper - A house spider mama with her eggs all ready to hatch..

N. Bicalcarata  - Pitcher has recently opene

N. Rafflesiana - Peristome looks cool

N. Rafflesiana - It's growing well, so I thought I feed it some snacks

N. Ampullaria Tish NP 06 - The new pitcher is suffering some stress maybe, lid has opened prematurally

N. Hookeriana Tricolor - Pitcher lid has open recently

Right..... enough of the pitcher plants. Let's jump to dewy plants

D. Capillaris - flower stalk spliting up nicely, but the flower didn't bloom, there was a sudden drop in temperature of 5C during the blooming, so I thought they were stressed.

D. Beleziana - A cutting growing up well from a good friend.

D. Intermedia Big Audrey - They don't do well in clumps, after potting them individually, they grow well and color up nicely.

D. Sessifolia - what remains from a pot of seedlings, 6 grew up well, the other half  are in another pot. 2nd flowering, I decided to let it flower since it is more stable now.

D. Auriculata (red form Tub 001) - Seed germination and I'm pretty excited having my first tuberous sundew.

Mix Sundew in a bottle :) I forgot what I put in there but there were 3 different types.

D. Venusta - seed harvest, very healthy and fresh, jump to my sale page on top if the page to get some seeds :)

Some other CP ...

Byblis Liniflora

Heliamphora Minor

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