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Saturday, 1 August 2015

New Droseras from BCP!

There was a small mass order and here came my plants, I didn't order much as I have been buying plants a lot lately. Luckily I sold some of my existing surplus plants so I can cover back some $ spent.  I went straight for drosera because I've been getting VFT lately. My 2 out of 3 sisters ,  Schizandra and Prolifera had die in my care few months back, So I thought I get myself the niece for a try, Andromeda Schizandra x Prolifera.

Here;s the D. Andromeda 7th from BCP 

Roots are pretty good too

Potted up in Sphagnum/Perlite mix

Another plant I got was an interesting one, Drosera Oblanceolata {true, Hong Kong}

What a lot of plants but little roots

I've potted up into 2 pots, big ones in Sphagnum/perlite and small ones in Peat/silica/perlite

The seeds of D. Hartmeyerorum, not alot and I can't remember if this was even a bonus item. Anyway, potted up in Sphagnum/perlite, but I think I should have use a more loose and lest water retain mix.

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