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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Droseras with Pink flowers

I have a good opportunity to see 2 pink flower sundews blooming together. The Burmannii pink flower and Sessilifolia. While the 2 flowers of each plant blooms, i rub them together hoping for a cross, The flowers has set seeds and I have took that 1 out separating from the others. Will sow the seeds asap to see what comes out. But I guess nothing unique since they all look the same and has pink flowers. What am I expecting...?

Drosera Sessilifolia at blooming stage

Drosera Sessilifolia : closer view

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) : Could have been a cross since the flower looks different.

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower)

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) about to close

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) The Anthers are doing it's pollinating process with the Stigmas

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