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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New plants in Sept 15

And the mo just keep happening... here's more new plants. At least 3 batches. I must admit MO is really addictive...

Mainly Neps

Just Cephalotus... Thats a lot right!!

But only 1 is mine, how i wish i can have everything! I was fast with the seller, I picked 1 when he posted

Clockwise : N Ventricosa x Rafflesiana, N. Bicalcrata, Sarr from a friend, and N Rebecca Soper

Clockwise : N Bicalcrata, N Gentle, N. Miranda, DM Seeds from KillerzPlants4real! Chris davis!


DM Vigorous

Drosera (Falconeri x Ordensis) x Petiolaris

N. Nortiana basal from Neps' Plants

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