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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Nepenthes Update for oct 1st half...

N. Viking : I find the pitcher grew as it's still pointing downwards...

N. Miranda: This cutting has finally taking off and  this is the first pitcher after many months

N. Miranda : Photo taken a later a date, pitcher growing

N. Rebecca Soper : New plant and adapting very well

N. Miranda: New plant

N. Rafflesiana : A drain fly lurking around death...

N. Rafflesiana : The biggest pitcher grows from my place.

N. Bicalcrata: Nice fangs

N. Hookeriana: The peristome's quite red.

N. Bicalcrara : New plants growing slow

N. Ventricosa x Rafflesiana

N. Campaunlata

N. Gentle: New plant adapting well but slow

N. Ampullaria Green: Never get sick of this one

Nepenthes Rafflesiana: Plant is getting too ig in my area

N. Lady luck ( Amp x Vent)

N. Rebecca Soper (gracillima x ventricosa )

N. Ampullaria: New pitcher

N. Hookeriana : My pet spider been gone for a month, that's where it ends up

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