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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Some random updates for oct......

Too many photos to update, or was it too many plants. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Cephalotus F. : This latest addition

Drosera Andromeda No.7 :  I thought the plant was dying/rotting, luckily it has put out new growth

D. Oblanceolata : No sure what is the, but quite obvious it's a flower stalk, perhaps deformed

D. Oblanceolata : In another pot also had a similar stalk.

DM Vigorous: Latest vft addition.

Sarracenia : Has been putting out lots of new leaf. Good sign

D. Intermedia Big Audrey : Dewy and happy

D. Nidiformis : Dewy and happy too

D Adelae: Glittering like starts

D. Marston Dragon : Silhouette

D Tokaiensis : The one that grows like weed here in Singapore.

Chris Davis mix of Drosera: Intermedia... ? Still guessing.

Chris Davis mix of VFT

Heliamphora Minor: Has never complain, growing well!

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