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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Drosera Finlaysoniana Seed for harvest.

These drosera from David F. is amazing. They grow like weed but most perish due to the heat here. Yes I need to solve the heat issue. Anyway the plant throw out flower stalks all at the same time like no tomorrow. I harvest a handful so if you like some do check out the seed sale page above.

If you don'y know what you are looking at. Let me help.

This photo is zoomed in using a macro lens on a DSLR camera. (Check my camera set up link on top). This is a dried flower pod that has cracked open for the seeds to disperse, you can see the seeds in the seed pod. The looked like oval ash black golf balls that is 0.01mm perhaps.

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  1. 8:52 am Wednesday March 22/2017...Victoria BC Canada........ Hi I'm Marlena(Summer Wind on Facebook) Love your blog site..Looking forward to more of your postings and photos....very nice quality. I have my own page on Facebook...The Rare Plant Menagerie....with some carnivorous plants as well. Come and say hi