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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

My usual excuse for not posting was too busy with family. I still keep many of these carnivorous plants but not much added to the collection. The new collections were mainly nepenthe as they were easier to care for where I grow carnivorous plants (in the book shelf).

I have some issues which I had avoided for the longest time and decided that I will try to fix it this year. The heat! The LED setup which I'm using could be the cause of many death and stress environment for my plants. Perhaps in the bookshelf, 30 x 3W LED is not such a good idea. Which more fanciful designs and easier setups provided locally now. I already had some ideas in mind.

Will try to post more so here's a start!

Drosera Marston Dragon is perking up quite a bit. It'd even developed 8 points for the first time in my stressful environment!

Drosera Marston Dragon : 8 Points

Drosera Marston Dragon: Not the best looking one but, ya its doing good!

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