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Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby! The new Cephalotus to the collection!

I bought a 1 month old crown cutting ceph! and since Cephs are sensitive plants, I'll name it "Baby" 

Sorry I got more different CP plant involve in my suppose VFT tracking thread. Here's a quick post.

I've asked around in my local forum and someone is willing to sell me 1 of the many pots of crown cutting Cephalotus he's been growing since a month ago. I didn't get to see all the pots but he claim this one has the most roots. Well I don't really know Cephs as much as VFT for now. So If anyone could offer some advise, please do so.

This is a typical ceph, potted in 100% NZ dried Sphagnum moss, as mentioned above, crown cutting. I have no idea, appreciate if someone could explain.

This pot is 2 inchs tall and I was wondering if I should repot it immediately as the pot looks like it wont hold if "Baby" continues to grow, if yes. What size pot would you recommend? I still prefer 100% NZ Sphagnum moss

Here's a mobile phone photo of "Baby". A month old from a crown cutting of a 10 months old parent plant.
Anyone could tell me what is the part in red circle? It looks different so I'm hoping a flower perhaps?

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