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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Some updates on "Fittest" and "Baby" the new Cephalotus in the house!

"Fittest's" been notti! As the big trap was lying on it's side, there's more development which was hidden away from my macro lens. Probably I wasn't observant enough.

 I've been trying very hard to get a good overall photo on the entire trap in macro and failed at first. My lens aperture's been set to the smallest and I still cannot get a good wide focus. I resort to stacking technique again with 93 photos in different focus of the trap and stacked them to get a overall clear focus of the trap in a single photo.

Fittest" at Day 60(sowed). A partial developed/opened trap. Approx. 50 days after germination.
I've noticed dews in the trap, could it be ready to lure bugs already?

Here's another stacked photo of "Fittest" from last night Day 59, Photo's a bit harsh.

It's time to water "Baby" and I was thinking why not re-pot and later water it so I wont disturb "Baby" too much. I used a 4+ inch styrofoam cup, made many holes at the bottom,  tiny holes on the side so water can easily run through in case they slowed down in the middle. I boiled 100% NZ dried sphagnum moss with very mild fungicide in hoping to prevent fungus attack and root rot. Trying not to disturb the original soil of my ceph, I filled the cup with moss, transfer the original soil with ceph on the half filled cup, then filled the empty side with more moss.

Here's "Baby" in it's new pot,"Day 2" in my care

Take away anyone?

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