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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Updates on all the seeds

Some updates, nothing much on "Santa and Fittest". They just grow longer. All the others VFT has no progress.

TC VFT Batch seeds has all been removed due to mold observed at the tip of the reminding 2 seeds. 

"Santa" at Day 40

"Fittest" a Day 44

As for the Sundews, TC Sundew has no mold observe, hopefully they stay that way. Some updates for for ST DA Batch.

Day 40 "Caterpillar" has grown spots!! I'm afraid it might just start moving and eating leaves, haha kidding. 
This is an interesting sight. I only hope I had the process of spots appearing capture on motion pictures. 

Another with a millimetre measurement 
Approx 1.3mm in size, if you notice the husk is protecting a seed pod inside, the seed pod is about 0.5mm

Another Drosera Anglica germinated! Now in total, 2 out of 3 Sundew from ST DA Batch has germinated. 
Naming it "Tiny" Day 40

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