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Friday, 22 February 2013

Here's a Video on my VFT seedling ( 80 days with Fittest)

Ok its done!

I have set my camera to automatically capturingphotos of "Fittest" for a couple of weeks. In total 81 days but there is about 10 days missing after I potted it from water to LFS.

The last video I've uploaded was in the first part of the video, it ends at 1m05s and the new part start from there onwards. The "visitor" appears frequently from 6m onwards and mostly seen from 6m20s for about 20s.

The video is about 7m24s long and it's abit too lengthy, but overall you can observe the growth of a VFT seedling from germination till 2nd trap starts to develop. I cannot control every picture's lighting so there are flickers all the time due to day and night photographing, it affects the camera's sensor.

Please feel free to give any feedback. Thank you! Best watch in Full Hd and Full screen.

Venus Fly trap in 80 days

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