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Sunday, 24 February 2013

"Fittest" Day 95!

Almost a centimetre long.

I've been monitoring "Fittest" to ensure it's not dying, luckily it isn't. In fact the 3rd trap which I've suspected was not going to develop has no signs of dead/drying up. I think it is growing, looks like "Fittest" is also putting up it's 4th trap! Still very tiny though.

I don't see the pest wriggling around anymore, it's already 20 days later when I've first noticed it on my photos. Let's hope it's been wipe out after I sprinkle some mosquito control powder.

I've been looking a some other member's young VFT seeding and theie 1st trap already has long cilias, unlike "Fittest", already on it's 4th trap but the 1st trap is still so small and the cilias seems to stop growing. Do you guys think it have some unique traits or mutated growth ?

Day 95: How long is "Fittest" now! The 1st biggest trap is about 1 millimetre long.

"Fittest" survives dry spell. But seems like the first 2 non-carnivore leaves wont make it.
3rd trap is doing well, and 4th trap is still very tiny.

1st Trap side view! I think that strain of fibre is the cotton I used to put together. Cilias stops growing.

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