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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Minor updates

"Fittest" is going through some trouble, I've notices the same black dots that appeared on "Caterpillar" and "Santa" is now on "Fittest". The result wasn't positive on them so I'm worried. I've the medium is drier than before. Probably "Fittest" still needs to be sitting in wetter medium. I've quickly spray some water over and hopes for the best for now. The other sad thing I've observed on "Fittest". A 3rd trap was forming half way and looks to me like it died off there. Probably due to lack of water too.

Day 89: "Fittest" going through some dry damage. Black dots observe at very high magnification. 3rd trap observed to stop growing and the tip seems to died off.

1st Trap suffering some black dots


I've take a look at the sphagnum moss and I am quite sure it wasn't algae growing. Looks to me like the moss itself is really coming to life. But I cannot decide yet.

Here's some closed up:

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