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Saturday, 1 December 2012

2nd Batch iof VFT Seeds

A few days later, the other batch of VTF seeds came, and I too had them in distill water the same as the mixed batch. Ever since that day, I've been looking at them everyday, sometimes twice a day to make sure I do not miss out the miracle of germination.

So now I had 3 batches
Nov 21th : Mixed VFT Batch - 3 VFT seed (Indonesia - Mixture cultivar 10 seed)Nov 25th : RR DR Batch - 3 Drosera Rotundifolia and 2 Royal Red VFT cultivar seeds (Germany)Nov 25th : ST DA Batch - 3 Drosera Anglica and 2 Saw Tooth UK #1 VFT cultivar seeds (Germany)

The Packet of various CP along with 2 other VFT cultivars' seeds 

The other VFT seeds look almost exactly the same
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 618)

Some Sundew seeds that came together in the batch
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 684)
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 638)

Drosera anglica
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 669)

Drosera rotundifolia
Zoom in (real dimensions: 713 x 474)

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