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Friday, 28 December 2012

Some seed updates

ST DA Batch: Nothing happens except the fungus head remains even after the last time I'd sterilized it. I Sterilized them again today so to remove the fungus head.

RR DR Batch: Lost the DR seeds somehow, out of the 2 VFT seeds, only "Santa" is continue growing, the other one is keeping still.

"Santa" at Day 33

Mixed Batch: out of 3 VFT seeds, only "fittest" is doing very well in moss now. The other 2, nothing happen to 1, how ever the other one that has a crack before I sow it remember? A small piece has chip off while I remove it for photo taking. What's inside is kinda funny, it looked exactly like the germinated seeds roots but only difference is totally pale white.

Mix batch before sow

The chipped off seed

Day 37 "Fittest". Sorry, i didnt realized I did not have a clear picture today

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