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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some major photo updates on my plants...

Just updating my overall VFT with heavy photos.

"Santa" is gone for good. I cannot revive it after leaving it in NZLFS for more than a month. The entire LFS turns green with algae too and I see no sign of VFT seedling. All the In-vitro has no progress. So I clear them out. I still have "Rojak" batch but no germination. "Fittest" is still growing. I think it's on it's 6th trap and should be putting it's 7th soon?

Here are the Photos of overall:

The last newly acquired cultivar "Cupped Trap" it's not entirely mine. The one has change hands at least 3 times that I know of, and it's origin from CZplant

Typical from World Farm, its other diversion rotted away in the earlier post.

Shark's teeth, from Triffid August 2012

Red Piranha from Flytrapstore about a year ago

RP clone when I re-potted, also "Fittest" at the corner!

A Typical from World Farm, I like it's big reddish traps

Typical VFT - Big Mouth X Big Mouth Seed grown

Typical VFT - Dantate X Dantate Seed grown

"Fittest" my very first seed grown VFT

Drosera Tokaiensis still recovering from repot

Cephalotus Follicularis

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