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Friday, 26 April 2013

Drosera Seeds germination!

Sorry another Drosera story in the VFT photo sub forum.

A nice guy send me some Drosera seeds and out of the 3 type, 2 type germinated! He send me a lot of seeds and I turn over the container and tab a few times to let the seeds loose their static sticking to the plastic container. So I don't know how many were in the soil.

Sown 3rd April 2013
Drosera Intermedia cuba - Germinated 23 April 2013
Drosera Burmannii - Germinated 24 April 2013
Drosera Spatulata - unable to crack yet

D. Burmannii : I counted about 5 for now. The Measurement bar is 1 mm apart. So this fella is about 0.3mm

D. Burmannii : Another 2 more

Drosera Intermedia cuba : PLENTY!! Maybe 10 over little fellas

Drosera Intermedia cuba : Some very closed up ones.
This is the biggest seedling, and I like it best.

This one still has it's seed pod intact

This one like to stick it's butt out :lol:

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