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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ranting over space, everyone need more grow space!

I did mentioned before that space was a problem at home. That's because in Singapore, most of us stay in "Pigeon hole apartments" which has a small area and usually above ground level, so there is also no place for green house :(

An example of a layout of an apartment taken from internet. The dimension are in mm - millimetres and area size is approx 90m² - Meter square. Land is scarce on this Island.

I also mentioned in another post that I was rejected directly in my face for suggesting a grow rack :( . Now all my plants are still able to grow in some trays by the window but I don't know for how long. If I want to keep them permanently or expand the collection, I either have to win a war at home or filled my windows with plants! :evil:

This is a sad area to grow my plants, all my windows are 24° NE facing and they get like 2-3 hours of direct sun due to high rise building blocking while the sun rises. But they still get indirect sun light for the rest of the day.

Well if I lose a battle. I had a back up plan for expansion... I might need to use my mum's little green patch outside her house. Been eyeing that space for a while. But there is too many people and pets moving around that worries me.

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