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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Apr Sky Diving!

It was really exciting! I was trimming my traps off the dead leaf when my 4 months girl wail away. I hurried to put back my pot where 'Red Piranha' and "Fittest" sits, and they topple over?... and roll off the window!!  While my heart skip a beat, I swear I could hear both of them (vft) shouting weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ as if they just hopped off for sky diving!!   :shock: 


I hurried down stairs , went into the bushes and took a very long time looking for them, first I found back 1 tag "Fittest", then "Red sky diver" was resting on a big rock with no soil left. Found 1! I almost wanted to cry out for not being able to find "Fittest". I was pissed and had to take care of my girl so I went back upstairs with the end of my precious "Fittest", lost... forever!!! I thought to myself for being so careless, I wasn't angry but just very sad. My very first VFT and also one and only seed grown. LOST! 

I went back up to repot the "Red Sky Diver", I'll call my this particular 'Red Piranha' that now! Sadly sitting alone in the pot with no company. I place in a water tray while I clean up the mess at the window. Picked up some soil and turn it over. OMG!! [color=#0000FF]"Fittest's" ass is still stuck in that compact chuck of soil!![/color]  :lol:  He didn't had a part of the fun! So I said to it, "I thought I lost you" and quickly make some room in the same pot for "Fittest". 

Now they are happily sitting together again. "Red Sky Diver" and "Fittest"   Now, no more dangerous stunt fellas! 

Total lost : A cup worth of peat/perlite and 1 tag, almost lost my heart. 

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