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Friday, 12 April 2013

Red Piranha pulling has a strike!

A Good news and a Bad news.

Start with the good first... The 'Red Piranha' pulling I took earlier when I was repoting has a stike! I don't see the callus but I only see s small trap popping up lol. Looks kinda funny. This is my very first strike after a few attempts, quite happy for now. Also gives me the opportunity to observe how they form.

'Red Piranha' pulling
A stapler bullet for reference, bullet has a dimension of 5mm by 10mm

Looks like the trap is developing.

I took a closer look but did not see callus, looks like the part the trap pops up was from the darker centre of the rhizome. I wonder if that is the ideal part where they make new traps. Kinda make sense but I don't know. I also wonders if pulling don't strike with callus was normal since I've been seeing post with callus.

Now the bad news. I've sown some fused teeth seeds and Drosera seeds in peat/perlite. Not sure if covering them has cause mold to form. I'm quite unhappy over mold forming especially on Dionaea M. seeds as I face same issue before mentioned earlier in this same thread. I went to rub off the mold from about 6 Dionaea M. seeds and resow them. I hope they germinate soon.


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