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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Drosera Tokaiensis, flower was snip off but grows a diversion!

Right, I didn't need seeds from D. tokaiensis so every flower stalk pops up gets cut. I can't remember how 1 got into another pot. So when 1 day I was tending to my Fly traps. I see a Drosera in the dead sphagnum, upon closer observation, sprung out from dead flower stalk.... That's a surprise.

Drosera Tokaiensis from a dead flower stalk.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cephalotus Diversion

Cephalotus is getting crowded, I'm attempting to split and hopes that is no root shock and stresss

The bunch

Here they are, 3 plants now

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Checking some of the VFT Rhizome in this hot time of the year.

I've looked into the rhizome. The Clayton Red Sunset has roted to nothing. I'm left with 1.

The red piranha is just grown old therefore the dead leaf, the rhizome is very healthy so I broke into 3 and repoted.

Typical 03 has very good looking rhizome, also broke into 3 for repoting. So the typical 03 really was just getting too much sun that's all.

Red Piranha

Typical 03

Monday, 12 August 2013

Good news, bad news...

So this will be a very heavy photo update. I've been encountering burns problem. I think it is the hotter time of the year no doubt there is only 1 season in Singapore. But we get hot spells and rainy days that stays for weeks. I hope my plants wont die on me as they look very bad. If you think it is not the hot spells that is causing my plants to show these dry up traps symptoms, please alert me. I have doubts because other vft are looking good.

Shark's teeth - still exploding with growth

Typical 03 - this one worries me, the big trap and young ones keep dying

Typical 03's leaf pulling is establishing well

Fondue & Wacky Trap has minor dried traps, so I've assumed normal

Clayton's Red Sunset worries me as the smaller one is taking too much trap death

Red piranha main plants looks normal

Red Piranha (Red Sky Diver) felt lonely after "Fittest" burnt out

Red Piranha leaf cutting stabilize

Big Mouth X Big mouth traps looking good after repoted to sphagnum moss

Big Mouth X Big mouth in another pot burning out again

Dentate x Dentate looking good after repoted in sphagnum

Cupped Trap revived and starts from "tiny" growth

Kurze Zähne Suffers some burns

Funnel Trap leaf pulling stabilize - Is this a funnel trapped as told by seller?

Red Line leaf pulling stabilize - This Red Line ? As told by seller

Red Line 2nd leaf pulling starting to stabilize

f. filiformis Seed grown

Giant Trap, erected Petiole Seed grown

Yellow Seed grown & Schuppenstiel II


Drosera Mastron Dragon

Drosera Tokaiensis

Drosera Burmannii seed grown establishing well

Drosera Intermedia cuba seed grown slow in establishing