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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Couple of Drosera in macro and my new pet!

Had been on my Macro gears lately. Here's some of the shots, enjoy~

D. Madagascariensis : This is still that 1 and only seed that germinate from a batch which I've sow some couples of months ago.

Another shot

D. Finlaysoniana

A closer shot

Drosera Intermedia from Chris Davis

Bark Mantis  (Amorphoscelis sp.) : Bonus shot, I happened to pick this one up at the entrance of my office, it was upside down but it cling onto me as I picked it up, its now my pet!

A video of the mantis eating a winged termite,
Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey ready for next generation

This batch of Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey has been flowering non stop for months! They have been producing lots of seeds too. I have put them up in the seed sale link about the page if anyone is interested.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Nepenthes Campanulata x Maxima

It was almost 6 months ago when I gotten 2 cutting from Cindy, N. Alata x Surigao and N. Campanulata x Maxima. Under my careless care, only the N. Campanulata x Maxima rooted and of course, the other died eventually. The plant was small but I love the big vase shape and wide peristome pitchers, occasionally, you will see the peristome wearing lip gloss :)


N. Campanulata x Maxima