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Update: Best view in 1920 x 1080 resolution

Tuesday 27 October 2015

New plants from David, Europe

We have ordered from David a couple of times. He's side is slow but always delivers. 1 mo can take 2 months and maybe more. He packed well in styrofoam box since its a big order. It's light and has some protection from transport abuse.

Some of the plants

Anyway here's the plants I ordered from the MO

Giving them a good soak in low ppm water

Heliamphora Heterodoxa

Heliamphora Nutans

Nepenthes Spectabilis x Aristolochioides : High land. Will be a challenge to keep it alive

Darlingtonia Californica : Another challenge too

Saturday 24 October 2015

Random photo update on 3rd week of Oct 15

Been busy lately, has been taking a lot of photos but don't really have the time to upload. Here's what been happening to the carnivorous little fellas....

D Adelae : The little one has grown too much, its time to remove before it suffocate at such a tiny hole

D. Andromeda no.7 :  Looking good still

D. Erythrorhiza: The tuberous sundew has send up it's new stolon

More tubers awakening

P. Moranensis Hybrid: 2 pots that has been struggling through the heat

D. Prolifera: My latest addition. 2nd attempt. The first one couldn't take the heat. Hope this one can.

Byblis Liniflora: Has be growing taller and taller

N. Rafflesiana: The latest pitcher has darken, and producing sweet nectar.

N. Hookeriana Tish Np 14: First pitcher after potted up, took about a month or so to stabilize

N. Ampullaria Green : 14Oct A new pitcher is opening up

20 Oct: Opened up nice and green

N. Campanulata: Flower!! What a Joke

N. (Lowii X Campanulata) : New plant arrived!

Pot it up really quick and cut off what I think I should

N Bicalcrata: The fangs grew longer

N. Ampullaria: When I first got it on 1st july. Now it surprised me with 2 ground pitcher. Looks like it has been there for a short while. The lids looks freshly opened and there were moss around the top and I had already remove them

This was on the right, well formed 

While this on the left looks a little deformed

N. Gracilis : At my mum's place has been growing very well:

There was this tiny spidy on top

Tuesday 13 October 2015

At Sandy's Plot Oct 2015

So I've reserved a Nepenthes Sumatrana. Finally went to collect it a few days back. Taking some pictures as well. So many nice plants I wanted to get but have to wait for year end bonus. As usual, due to poor knowledge, I cannot name the plants I see so I number it.

N. Sumatrana : Here's My prize plant










10 N. Suma X Amp ??




14 One of the Petiolaris Complex

15 Utricularia

16 D. Binata var.