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Update: Best view in 1920 x 1080 resolution

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

VFT Updates...

I've got only VFT to share for now.

"Fittest's" been growing well, looks like 2nd trap is almost ready to develop cilia will open it's mouth soon. I'm not sure if the first trap is fully developed, because for now it's looking kinda weird, and the grow has slow down a little there. I'll continue to monitor on the trap traits.

"Fittest" Day 70

"Santa's" been acting weird recently. It started to behave like "Caterpillar". It got black spots all over the place and the first 2 leaves are still not complete yet. Looks pretty deformed to me. Could it be a hybrid / mix between a Drosera and Dionaea? I think not, I just hope it is not on it's way to fungus and mold.

"Santa" at day 66

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Fittest" has some mould?

A quick update on "Fittest". I've noticed some white stuff at the crown and been trying to treat it with mild fungicide, looks like it's slowing spreading up to both trasp. I'm getting worried here. Anyone could give some advise, identify or tell me what I could treat "Fittest" with? It's my first VFT and I don't want it die soon yet.

"Fittest" at Day 63, some white stuff observed from the crown and towards both traps.
Trap has developed more and seems like there is also more dew in the trap.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

VFT "Santa" looks like a worm now...

It's been a while since I've seen "Santa" upclose, last night I took some photos of "Santa" and here I am now updating. "Santa's" pretty deformed, the part where it grew what I thought was callus don't look like callus to me now. Coz I think when callus grows, they grow out a bunch together. I ran out of knowledge and I cannot imagine anymore. Just let "Santa" take it's own form...

"Santa" Day 55, looks like a worm with horns lol...

On the side

and a little closer

Some updates on "Fittest" and "Baby" the new Cephalotus in the house!

"Fittest's" been notti! As the big trap was lying on it's side, there's more development which was hidden away from my macro lens. Probably I wasn't observant enough.

 I've been trying very hard to get a good overall photo on the entire trap in macro and failed at first. My lens aperture's been set to the smallest and I still cannot get a good wide focus. I resort to stacking technique again with 93 photos in different focus of the trap and stacked them to get a overall clear focus of the trap in a single photo.

Fittest" at Day 60(sowed). A partial developed/opened trap. Approx. 50 days after germination.
I've noticed dews in the trap, could it be ready to lure bugs already?

Here's another stacked photo of "Fittest" from last night Day 59, Photo's a bit harsh.

It's time to water "Baby" and I was thinking why not re-pot and later water it so I wont disturb "Baby" too much. I used a 4+ inch styrofoam cup, made many holes at the bottom,  tiny holes on the side so water can easily run through in case they slowed down in the middle. I boiled 100% NZ dried sphagnum moss with very mild fungicide in hoping to prevent fungus attack and root rot. Trying not to disturb the original soil of my ceph, I filled the cup with moss, transfer the original soil with ceph on the half filled cup, then filled the empty side with more moss.

Here's "Baby" in it's new pot,"Day 2" in my care

Take away anyone?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby! The new Cephalotus to the collection!

I bought a 1 month old crown cutting ceph! and since Cephs are sensitive plants, I'll name it "Baby" 

Sorry I got more different CP plant involve in my suppose VFT tracking thread. Here's a quick post.

I've asked around in my local forum and someone is willing to sell me 1 of the many pots of crown cutting Cephalotus he's been growing since a month ago. I didn't get to see all the pots but he claim this one has the most roots. Well I don't really know Cephs as much as VFT for now. So If anyone could offer some advise, please do so.

This is a typical ceph, potted in 100% NZ dried Sphagnum moss, as mentioned above, crown cutting. I have no idea, appreciate if someone could explain.

This pot is 2 inchs tall and I was wondering if I should repot it immediately as the pot looks like it wont hold if "Baby" continues to grow, if yes. What size pot would you recommend? I still prefer 100% NZ Sphagnum moss

Here's a mobile phone photo of "Baby". A month old from a crown cutting of a 10 months old parent plant.
Anyone could tell me what is the part in red circle? It looks different so I'm hoping a flower perhaps?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

"Fittest" Day 56

Hi all, just a quick update on "Fittest" It's big Trap has more tiny buds of cilia popping out, can't wait to observe more grow!

So I said "It's big trap" So you know there is 1 small trap already up haha.. Now I know they dont grow trap together. I guess they grow their trap one by one. When one has it's trap 30% formed, it's ready to throw out another. At least that's what I've gathered.

"Fittest" Day 56, More cilia on big trap and second trap is coming along on the far bottom left...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

VFT seedlings update, callus forming ?

As the days goes, the Sundew cannot be observed using my camera's lens. So for now there is only photo update on the 2 VFT which are growing. I hope the remainder seeds germinate soon so there is more post and personal celebration.

The sundew germinated seeds remain in the potting and agar. It should be easier to observe when there is obvious growth in the potting, but the agar container holding TC Sundew batch and "Tiny" cannot be seen clearly.

There is some observation on "Fittest". Looks like the traps are taking shape slowly, I also think the cilia are forming from bottom upwards.

"Santa"!! Full or surprises!
Another surprise took place while observing a few hours ago. I have been thinking why is "Santa's" development so different from "Fittest". What I saw earlier had me more confuse. When "Santa" first germinate, I thought it is going to be normal just like any other Typical VFT especially "Fittest", some time last month, "Santa" don't look like roots growth, I was some how sure leaves were going to form. Today, I don't know what am I looking at. Callus is forming?? The process is still "Water Germination" Some enlightenment would be great here.

Mixed Batch - "Fittest" Day 53, Cilia forming

RR DR Batch - Royal Red seed "Santa" forming callus?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More updates on seedlings - some bd news

No change to all the sleeping VFT seeds. "Tiny", my 2nd germinated Drosera Anglica was moved to a newly prepared TC Medium, its alone and after like almost a week, no sign of contamination.

TC Sundew batch has no obvious contamination but some seeds looked like has germinated, it's all blurry and I could not get a good shot, so I wont post any photo.

Day 49, "Fittest's" Trap has grow a little, but isn't going to open up any time yet as it's still 30% developed I think.

Day 45, "Santa's" been getting quite big, its really making a lot of difference comparing with "Fittest" in the seedling days Look!

"Fittest" seedling picture, day 10 after sow.
Germinated approx 10 days later
Developed few roots hairs approx 2 days later
Fully develop first 2 leafs approx 11 days later (13 Days)

"Santa" a seed from Royal Red cultivar
Germinated approx 29 days later after sow
16 days later, no roots hair observed yet.(16 days and still no full first 2 leafs yet)
Growth rate is very different from "Fittest" from Mix batch, different thickness, different rate. I wonder why? "Fittest" is a seed from a mixtures of different cultivar VFT from Indonesia, "Santa" is from Royal Red, from Germany.

Another thing I suspected was, "Santa's" root could be in the seed pod and leaf were the ones that popped out first. Well, we'll see.

"Santa"!! Day 45

As for "Caterpillar", it's greenish color has drained a little, I'm getting a little worried, although it has grow a little, I've decided to pot it into a very tiny container, with 100% LFS , distill water in a small water tray. So we wont be seeing "Caterpillar" and "Tiny" for a while.

"Caterpillar" last photo shoot from water

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Updates on all the seeds

Some updates, nothing much on "Santa and Fittest". They just grow longer. All the others VFT has no progress.

TC VFT Batch seeds has all been removed due to mold observed at the tip of the reminding 2 seeds. 

"Santa" at Day 40

"Fittest" a Day 44

As for the Sundews, TC Sundew has no mold observe, hopefully they stay that way. Some updates for for ST DA Batch.

Day 40 "Caterpillar" has grown spots!! I'm afraid it might just start moving and eating leaves, haha kidding. 
This is an interesting sight. I only hope I had the process of spots appearing capture on motion pictures. 

Another with a millimetre measurement 
Approx 1.3mm in size, if you notice the husk is protecting a seed pod inside, the seed pod is about 0.5mm

Another Drosera Anglica germinated! Now in total, 2 out of 3 Sundew from ST DA Batch has germinated. 
Naming it "Tiny" Day 40

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

More updates on VFT seeds

And the last update for today is my 2 VFT that has been growing a lot. I'm still waiting for "Fittest to form it's traps but seems like I have to wait longer. I've also noticed that "Santa's" been more reddish compared to "Fittest" in it's earlier stage. I'm hoping to see some reddish traits here. This is getting very exciting.

Mixed Batch Day 41 "Fittest", stacked with 50 photos to have more clear focus areas.

RR DR Batch - Royal Red seed Day 37
"Santa" has more reddish/pinkish area coming too

Drosea seed update

The next update is a Drosera Anglica from ST DR batch. Some fibres, I've assumed were root hairs has grown out of the base of the root top where the area is pinkish. The difference in growth over 2 days is quite a lot, even for VFT seedlings too. This is because I've been observing them in magnified views.

ST DA batch: "Caterpillar" Drosera Anglica Day 37
2 angles

Beauty at worst! Seeds invaded...

Good morning every, from Singapore here GMT +8.

It's 2013 Happy New Year to all.

I've got plenty of updates here, some good some not good, so I'll go with the bad news first.

For 1 of my in vitro batch TC VFT. I've observed 2 seeds has grown mold/fungus on the tip of the seeds. I have removed them to re-sterilize and kept them separate container. Hopefully the other 2 VFT seeds stays and germinate. I also wonder, Why does all VFT seeds start mold/fungus on the tip of the seed.

TC VFT replated 28 dec 2012, mold/fungus observed