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Friday 17 November 2017

Moving plants...

Its near the end of the year. The 1 spot I had placed my plants outdoor of my apartment is not getting enough sun. Plants dont look happy at all. Everytime I look at them. I can almost hear them cursing at me - More sun or NO pitcher for you!!

Their new place

Saturday 11 November 2017

Amp cuttings rooted.

I've got these Ampullaria cutting from Cindy back in end of August 2017. I always hear about how difficult it is for Amp cuttings to root, I've tried once before, not only it didnt root but also died. I was quite surprise when looking at the stems yesterday,  out of the three cutting, two of them has already rooted. Its was only 2 months.  One is Black Miracle cutting, other 2 are random.  I have transferred the 2 rooted in sphagum but left the unrooted in water .
Bm plant