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Monday 16 November 2015

Drosera Seed Scarification on the Tuberous

I bought plenty of Tuberous sundew seeds a few months back. I guess this is the right time to prepare the seeds and sow them since it's the time where tuberous sundew germinates and tuber awakes.

Some of the seeds require a summer condition before they germinates, I found the process of Scarification from a few links.

Dieter's Webpage

I first soak the seeds in GA3 (Gibberellic Acid-3) for 1 night before I prepare the burnt leaves process and soak the seeds in this solution using 60ÂșC and below water for 2-3 mins. Then, I sow the seeds in 2 part sand and 1 part peat.

No seeds germinates, most likely due to the weather and conditions is not suitable here in Singapore.

Friday 6 November 2015

Some Random Updates for End oct to Nov

D. Burmannii Typical

D. Prolifera : Missed the flower bloom

Byblis Liniflora still doing it's crazy thing

DM Royal Red : Lost it's redness

DM Red Piranha

DM Vigorous

DM Mix seeds : combined 2 pots after many rot away



Nepenthes Ampullaria: This one I left on the Air condition ledge outside has some ground basal

N. Ampullaria: This pot is from indoor. The ground pitcher is more formed now

N. Rafflesiana: Now it's putting out pitcher faster and bigger

N. Lowii X Campanulata : Just got this plant not long and it's pitching already .

N Hookeriana : This new pitcher!

The Miranda story...

The N. Miranda cutting I had, took a long time to establish. Finally stabilised and has pitched.  Here's how it goes...

22 Sept

5 oct

10 oct

12 oct

14 Oct

16 Oct

17 Oct

20 Oct

 22 Oct

23 OCt , Pitcher has opened


26 Oct

30 Oct