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Sunday 11 September 2016

Drosera Finlaysoniana: This is a first flower bloom .

I've had these Drosera from David Flocken a few times, they came as seeds and the germination rate is very good, but the crazily hot and humid weather in Singapore kill these plants when they were young.  I've managed to get theses batch 2 to stabilise but in the process, I lost more than half of the batch. Anyway I got it to flower for the first time! I was very happy as not only it flowers for the first time for me, it is also the 1st flower bloom from the 1st flower stalk. Triple happiness :)

Drosera Finlaysoniana

Sunday 24 July 2016

Check your water trays!

I was checking my water tray one day and found tiny worms wriggling n the water. Thinking it was fungus gnat larvae, I'd ignored it, but something was off, the way it move was very familiar, it triggered the danger sense in me and with my curiosity, I took some samples for a closer look.

Here's what it is, a mosquito larvae.... many of them

Another stage, ready to emerge as a dangerous mosquito

I immediately pour away all the water from all the trays, let it dry for the day befrore toppping up with water again the next day . We should all do our to keep the environment safe. Mosquito can be quite deadly if they carry diseases.

What we can do :
1. check the water tray often, at least every 3 days for foreign creatures like mosquito larvae.
2. Let the water tray dry out between watering, it not only keep the pest away, it also let the plant root and media breath
3. Put mosquito and pest prevention tablets or solution but also make sure it is safe for carnivorous plants. (eg: "Mosquito dunk" is very popular among Carnivorous plants hobbyists, it is safe for cp)

Either way, enjoy your CP hobby and cheers! Here's a drum of Glenmorangie Duthac to enjoy while admiring my plants.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Couple of Drosera in macro and my new pet!

Had been on my Macro gears lately. Here's some of the shots, enjoy~

D. Madagascariensis : This is still that 1 and only seed that germinate from a batch which I've sow some couples of months ago.

Another shot

D. Finlaysoniana

A closer shot

Drosera Intermedia from Chris Davis

Bark Mantis  (Amorphoscelis sp.) : Bonus shot, I happened to pick this one up at the entrance of my office, it was upside down but it cling onto me as I picked it up, its now my pet!

A video of the mantis eating a winged termite,
Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)

Sunday 5 June 2016

Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey ready for next generation

This batch of Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey has been flowering non stop for months! They have been producing lots of seeds too. I have put them up in the seed sale link about the page if anyone is interested.

Friday 3 June 2016

Nepenthes Campanulata x Maxima

It was almost 6 months ago when I gotten 2 cutting from Cindy, N. Alata x Surigao and N. Campanulata x Maxima. Under my careless care, only the N. Campanulata x Maxima rooted and of course, the other died eventually. The plant was small but I love the big vase shape and wide peristome pitchers, occasionally, you will see the peristome wearing lip gloss :)


N. Campanulata x Maxima

Saturday 21 May 2016

Byblis Guehoi having a feast on Winged termintes

It was the time where the winged termintes are all over the place. They are attracted to the grow lights and were trapped as they hit the dewy byblis and other plants like sundews. I had another video later which has more termites on the plant - I didn't use that because it was in "portrait" angle. Not good for video sharing.

here's the video...
Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)

Monday 28 March 2016

This is a recent mass order, was late in getting the photos up. They come from BE and a private collector

Some plants from Borneo Exotics and a private seller. Nepenthes seems to do well here in Singapore. Even some intermediate and high lane ones could survive while some could hand on for a long time before showing signs of stress. Unlike the VFT and sundews which is more picky for me

The loot! 

N. Burbidgaea x Campanulata: The L size!

Here's the pitcher, midway to heaven. 

N. Ampullaria x Spectabilis

N. Burbidgaea x Veitchii 

N. Jamban : Really looking forward to see this one thrive here

N. Burkeii

N. Eymae

Sarracenia Dana's Delight

That's all for this batch... More mass Orders to come I believe :)

Saturday 19 March 2016

Some photos update up till March 2016 Part 2 of 2.

Continue from last post

Nepenthes Ventricosa x Rafflesiana 29 Jan

Heliamphora Minor 29 jan

12 Feb

Nepenthes Ampullaria 31 Jan The main stem has been cut for rooting. These are the ground pitchers

15 Feb (it's my birthday!) There's a diversity in pitcher color...... actually, the gree pitcher from another wants to join in this crowd lol

Nepenthes Bicalcrata 6 Feb

Drosera Finlaysoniana 9 Feb These pretty stars are from David Flocken

Cephalotus F 12 Feb From T4Phage

Dionaea Muscipula Cupped Trap 15 Feb

Nepenthes Campanulata 15 FEb

Drosera ? from Chris Davis 19 FEb (likely intermedia)

Nepenthes Tiger from Daryl C 19 F eb

Drosera Madagascariensis21 Feb

Nepenthes Ampullaria X Aristolochioides 26 Feb

Nepenthes Viking 27 Feb from Nep's Plants

Darlingtonia Californica 29 FEb

Dionaea Muscipula Tish DM02 07 March

Drosera Marston Dragon 9 MArch 5 point leaf

Drosera Nidiformis 08 March

Nepenthes Hookeriana 9 MArch

Nepenthes Miranda 16 March 3 is a crowd!

Monday 29 February 2016

Some photos update up till March 2016 Part 1 of 2.

As work load gets heavier, I have lesser time to write posts for my  blog. However, if you've been following my facebook, I've been doing photo updates almost every weekend. There is about 40 over phoos, which is considered little because I used to take many photos, now I've only gone for those that really stand out more.  I have to split the photos into 2 post as too many in 1 post gets you sick of it easily.  Here's first half

Nepenthes Lowii x Campanulata 09 Jan

Nepenthes Northiana 10 jan

Drosera Marston Dragon flower stalk 10Jan


29 jan

Nepenthes Spectabilis X Aristolochioides 10 jan

16 jan

20 jan

Drosera Nidiformis 10 jan

Drosera ? from Chris Davis (could be intermedia) 13 jan

Nepenthes Ampullaria 16 jan  I cut off the stem for rooting along with this pitcher a week later.

Nepenthes Lady Luck 17 jan Old and new pitcher

Sarracenia Red Apache 17 jan Don't really look like 1

Drosera MArston Dragon 19 jan  The spider must have miss a footing when it jumped.. smash it's face into the dews lol

Nepenthes Miranda 21 jan

Nepenthes Gracilis 21 Jan Ground basal.

Nepenthes Hookeriana 22 jan

Nepenthes Campanulata 29 jan

End of part 1