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Friday 31 May 2013

D. Tokaiensis flower bloom hugging...

As I was saying, I'll try a time lapse on the Drosera Tokaiensis, but I've already missed the first bloom, since there were still plenty of flower buds in a stalk. So I've thought, why not attempt it anyway.

Here's the video in youtube and vimeo. It wasn't nicely done up but i think it's watchable. Approximately 2000 photos were used in the making. I didn't expect how the Drosera Tokaiensis would bloom like this. But i didn't capture all the flowers to see them all. Hope you'll enjoy watching .

here's the video...
Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)

A similar video I've attempted previously on my Venus FlyTrap "Fittest" here

Saturday 25 May 2013

Drosera Tokaiensis's first flower bloom

This is my virgin post on my Drosera Tokaiensis's flower. It was about 7am in the morning 2 days ago when I've spotted the flower's first bloom. I quickly grab my camera and took a few picture before reluctantly going to work without seeing the full bloom. I had no idea if the flower was on it's way open or already closing.

Drosera Tokaiensis's first bloom - 23May2013 7am

Friday 24 May 2013

Plant growth updates...

D. Marston Dragon root revival success!!  More Dragonlings!

Here's another update on Red Line pulling from Netherland, it's more stable now so I've decided to repot.

Sitting in it's new Styrofoam cup :)

Shark Teeth's massive growth update
17 May's photo

Today 24 May

Cephalotus growth update
4th May's Photo

Today 24 May

Dentate Seed grown also die back to nothing but still putting up new traps

Kurze Zähne has stablized and putting up bigger traps, also seens to caught a decent fly on the right :)

Thursday 23 May 2013

Tokaiensis flower stalk!

Good morning people, here in Singapore about 7am, I've notice my D. Tokaiensis flower buds getting bigger....

Wednesday 22 May 2013

A Dragon Strikes!

Say about a month back, my dear friend send me some Drosera 'Marston Dragon' I think it's [binata dichotoma 'Giant' x binata multifida "extrema"] They didnt really make it well here due to shipping from Costa Rica. Anyway I still went ahead to place them in peat moss and hope some miracle happen. Well it does :)

Drosera 'Marston Dragon' Strikes!


Germany VFT Seedlings update

f. filiformis

Giant X Trap , erected petiole


Schuppenstiel II


Drosera Tokaiensis flowering update

My Drosera Tokaiensis flowering soon. Was thinking when is a good time to start looking out for it to bloom a nice flower...


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Germany VFT Seeds update

Some updates on the VFT seeds from germany. Almost all 4 type has germinations

Here's the photo take from my mobile on 19 May

Saturday 18 May 2013

Look me in the eye!

Look me in my eye!

That, as you all could probably guess, was an eye of a house lizard. This fella was crawling around, so I ask if he would like to pose as a victim model for my plant. He agrees and let me pick him up, gently placed him into an open trap and swosh! Trap closes, he struggles a little and once he's comfortable, stood still for me to snap my camera away. He couldn't help struggle a little but once I've finished, i prey open the trap a little and he was happy to be freed.

Trapped in a trap!

Behind the scenes! Trapped shot!


Whooo! Too high,, walks opposite direction and ran away!
No animals or insect were harm in the making of this photography

Friday 17 May 2013

Shark Teeth update

A Little update on the Shark teeth, it you remember the last photo of it was in early May 4th I think. over 10 days later now, it has about more than 20 young traps. That's a lot!

Shark Teeth - Early May


It started feeding by itself, ants!

One of my pulling from Netherland has strike!! I said previously I left them on peat/perlite, I'v decided on that say day to change the soil to LFS as I think it not only retains water but also better air system in the moss.

Redline pulling

Drosera Tokaiensis and mama spider

This is going to be a messy update, but I promise it will be interesting. 

A little update on the Drosera Tokaiensis, the flower stalk has reach almost 10 cm height and the flower buds are more green, still in it's lollipop. So i was going to feed with spiders and saw 1 spider has a sac. Extra treats for my plant.

Drosera Tokaiensis flower bud in circles..

Should be straightening up pretty soon

The Spider with the egg sac


Thursday 16 May 2013

Drosera seedling repoting

The Drosera has grown! Out of the 3- Burmannii and Intermedia Cuba looks fine, Spatulata hasn't germinated, so I've dropped a little more seeds into the container to see if they will germinate.

Before Repoting

Drosera Burmannii

Drosera Burmannii Repoted

Drosera Intermedia Cuba

Drosera Intermedia Cuba Repoted

Tuesday 14 May 2013

VFT Treats!!

House chores always rewards me with treats for my plants, so the last batch were fed, here's the new batch.

The middle one is a long leg spider! I'm very sure its a female and it's either an adult or ready to build its egg sac. Anyway call me cruel or what. I won't let it put the sac in my house. So she goes to a mature trap in my big vft. :twisted:

Monday 13 May 2013

Germany Vft seeds update

More VFT seeds from Germany germinated! I didn't really think that I had the seeds germinating. I thought I was unlucky with seeds, and that 2012's wont be any good. But I think I was wrong.

I counted about 4 f. filiformis and 2 Giant Trap, erected Petiole. I guess they germinated 12 May 2013

f. filiformis seed grown

Side by side



Giant Trap, erected Petiole seed grown

This one went to hug each other  :lol:

Saturday 11 May 2013

German germinations!

I had s cultivar seeds sometime back on 29 April and sowed them. 2 days ago, 1 seed from that German batch germinated! 'Schuppenstiel II' a cultivar I wanted to get my hands on, looks like i'll be hoping this seeding to have similar traits!

'Schuppenstiel II' seed grown - naming it "Mole"
Germinated 9th May 2013
Roots digging straight into the peat/perlite waste.

I'll like to share some photo updates too. I hope you wont mind too many photos recently.

Wacky Trap - One of my favorite!
This one looks like a vampire!

Side View

Thursday 9 May 2013

VFT Cutting strikes!!

There was 5 pullings I took on 17 March for experiment, 

2 Red Piranha leaf
1 Big Mouth seed grown leaf and 1 Rhizome with root
1 Dentate seed grown leaf
1 Cephalotus leaf

1 RP and 1 BM leaf didnt make it, dried out. 1 RP was the first to strike, follow by the BM root. Dentate seed grown leaf cutting still didn't make any new traps, and Cephalotus Leaf pulling passed on.

End April I took antoher pulling from Cupped trap ad put together with the Dentate. Today I see both of them has tiny traps! Wow the Cupped Trap leaf cutting was really fast, it even has roots dug into the LFS.


Lollipop Flower!

Lollipop flower was the first that came to my mind this morning when I took a closer look at Drosera Tokaiensis's little flower stalk.

Some Closed up to share here.

Don't you just wanna grab it and put it in your mouth? :D


Now I have a question, why does the part where the flower stalk is coming out looks kinda furry?

Wednesday 8 May 2013

My first drosera flowering!

As always, I would admire the plants I had and I thought I saw a tony curl in my Drosera Tokaiensia. Could it be a flower stalk!? So to harvest seeds I need to feed the plant more right?

Thought I saw a curl of a little flower stalk.