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Wednesday 30 September 2015

New plants in Sept 15

And the mo just keep happening... here's more new plants. At least 3 batches. I must admit MO is really addictive...

Mainly Neps

Just Cephalotus... Thats a lot right!!

But only 1 is mine, how i wish i can have everything! I was fast with the seller, I picked 1 when he posted

Clockwise : N Ventricosa x Rafflesiana, N. Bicalcrata, Sarr from a friend, and N Rebecca Soper

Clockwise : N Bicalcrata, N Gentle, N. Miranda, DM Seeds from KillerzPlants4real! Chris davis!


DM Vigorous

Drosera (Falconeri x Ordensis) x Petiolaris

N. Nortiana basal from Neps' Plants

Sunday 20 September 2015

A Fungus Gnat fly on the drosera adelae

So... I was about to retire for the night and taking 1 last look over the plants when I saw something struggling on those dewy leaves of the adelae. I think it's a fungus gnat.

here's the video...
Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)

Friday 18 September 2015

The Droseras with Pink flowers

I have a good opportunity to see 2 pink flower sundews blooming together. The Burmannii pink flower and Sessilifolia. While the 2 flowers of each plant blooms, i rub them together hoping for a cross, The flowers has set seeds and I have took that 1 out separating from the others. Will sow the seeds asap to see what comes out. But I guess nothing unique since they all look the same and has pink flowers. What am I expecting...?

Drosera Sessilifolia at blooming stage

Drosera Sessilifolia : closer view

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) : Could have been a cross since the flower looks different.

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower)

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) about to close

Drosera Burmannii (Pink Flower) The Anthers are doing it's pollinating process with the Stigmas

Sunday 13 September 2015

Some random updates

Byblis Liniflora: Some time ago, this plant has grow tall and almost reached the top of the growing space. I cut it and what happens later. It grow a few more stem, brunching out and grew just as fast as previously. Hail Hydra!
Previously from here

Heliamphora Minor: Still growing well, very pleased with it :) It's almost 3 times the size when I just got it.

Nepenthes Rafflesiana: In FB, Someone showed how much nectar was produced under the lid of his Sar, I went to look at some of the pitcher of mine and noticed this one has some nectar on the peristome, so I went to tasted it for the first time, Sweet!

Nepenthes Gracilis : The one I showed before has a small pitcher on the left previously, now it's all grown up! Link here.

Some of the young pitchers...

Some of the young pitchers are forming and they looked pretty good while fresh...

Nepenthes Ampullaria Tish NP 06 : Still getting smaller 1 after another pitcher, was it the heat I wonder...

Nepenthes Ampullaria Tish NP 06 : The same plant with a bigger new pitcher, same size as the above right now. But hiding in lower lights

Nepenthes Viking: The new pitcher will outgrow the last one! 

Nepenthes Viking : The same plant as above, this basal growth has a few pitchers

Nepenthes Rafflesiana Seed grown : A stowaway 

Nepenthes Campunlata : This latest plant seems doing well, 1 new leaf and seems like 1 more is obvious

Nepenthes Ampullaria Green: STill my favourite as it is all green in lime 

Some Droseras updates....

Some of the Droseras are growing well, I would like to share some updates...

Drosera Capillaris

Drosera Adelae clones

Drosera Adelae : The one that found it's way out of the pot drain hole got bigger...

Drosera Beleziana

Drosera Tokaiensis : A forgotten tokaiensis in the D. Marston Dragon pot quietly sent up a flower stalk

Tuberous Drosera Auriculata: Still doing well so far!

Drosera Mix (Chris Davis) : Exchange some seeds with Chris and still wondering what are these ??

Monday 7 September 2015

Some beautiful Pitchers

I've noticed some nice pitchers developing in good colors. These plants are new in my care and they really brighten me up. Glad I've been poisoned into Neps ha!

Nepenthes Viking (Tish NP 13) From Siaw YZ has color very nicely. Here's the development.
28 Aug 15

06 Sept 2015

Nepenthes Lady Luck : Nice color on this young pitcher

Nepenthes Rebecca Soper : Biggest pitcher on the right so far

The leaves remain bronze greenish or bronze maroon.