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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Carnivorous Plant Seeds for sale update 2016

Carnivorous plant Seeds (2017 batch) Worldwide shipping

  1. Drosera Venusta US$2.20 /30 seeds 
  2. Drosera Capillaris US$2.00 / 30 seeds 
  3. Drosera Burmannii Humpty Doo US$2.80 / 30 seeds 
  4. Drosera Burmannii US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  5. Drosera Intermedia EM Pond US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  6. Drosera Intermedia US$2.00 / 30 seeds 
  7. Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  8. Drosera Natalensis US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  9. Drosera Sessifolia US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  10. Drosera Tokaiensis US$2.00 / 30 seeds 
  11. Drosera Finlaysoniana US$2.20 / 30 seeds 
  12. Byblis Liniflora US$3.00 / 30 seeds

Minimum order: Any 2 set of seeds. Payment via Paypal only and add 8% for paypal tax.

 ***Worldwide shipping handling US$1.30 non registered or total US$4 for Registered Tracking.
***Please check your import restriction before purchasing, I hold no responsibility for package lost or confiscated.

My guide for starting seeds can be found in this link

Kindly please drop me an email

Plants for sale only in Singapore

No plants for sale at the moment. 
As I'd acquired more plants, especially nepenthes. 
I have no more plant space to propagate .


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