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Saturday 16 February 2013

My Camera Equipments on Macro Photography

My hobby is Macro photography. For 90% of these photos here, I was using a Nikon D90 on nikkor 85mm F3.5 lens, I had a snap-on magnification 24X lens on top of the nikkor 85mm. External flash SB900 1/2 -1/4 flash power w DIY diffuser.

Setting: ISO 200. Aperture f/25-32. Shutter speed 1/160.

Camera body : Nikon D90

External flash(preferred to have 1 any range but not too outdated for better control)

Macro lenses : Nikkor 85mm f.35

Hollow tubes - to achieve Macro when attached to certain lens like 50mm F2.8

Camera with 1 hollow tube and 50mm lenses to achieve closed up photography/Macro and a DIY flash diffuser

Camera with a Macro lenses and external flash unit and DIY Diffuser

Camera with a Macro lenses and DIY diffuser using only built in flash

Camera with madly modified attempt but the purpose of this photo is show an example on the last lenses that is reversed mounted.

My latest set up , Camera on a sturdy Tripod using built in flash with diy diffuser and a intervelo meter shutter release for Time-lapse photography

A discontinued set of magnified add on lenses to increase macro ratio, was lucky to bought a used set from a French on-line shop.

And one of those best Macro photo I could achieved with some of the equipments combined together was this 2 cm Jumping spider's eyes. You could see my camera and the spider's legs in it's eyes.

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